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Ercy Mirage


Absolutely Records, Bombeatz Ink, Fine Tuned Recordings
Ercy Mirage Beatport


He is not the latest talent to explore the world of dirty, sticky dance floors but he could be the youngest among pioneer masterminds to put his finest on the turntables and break out with beats that have been introduced from the corners of the States to the music-infected grounds of Europe. At 18 years-old, while many of his age buddies are holding the spotlight to enter the velvet ropes of clubs, Ercy Mirage, Albania’s infamous product, is the bold name on flyers and the guest DJ spinning under crazy disco-balls for club-goers of all ages who appreciate a new splash of sound for their batteries-not-included moves.

Mirage’s midnight booms have been a rolling stone building up to this momentum. Not a serendipitous event, sound runs in his veins having trickled down from a family affiliated with the music tribe. Ambitious and caught in the experimental hype, DJ/producer Ercy Mirage, began cutting the night scene and playing with divergent sounds while accentuating his individual style of progressive house— a term coined to describe a drum structure with emotional edges and dubby basslines. A “disc-jockey” at first, he ventured into a full time DJ masquerading in the dark as DJ Ercy Mirage, a name that has become part of the dance universe.

His quick ascending success proved fruitful with the drop of the full album dubbed “Deep Below Vol.1,” a compilation of tweaked out, energetic sounds surfacing with every track that brought this one-man show to release a follow-up cover. Gravitating toward both Americas (north and south). Such heroic outcomes made way for ripping performances at powerhouse residencies as Avalon, Crobar, Gypsy Tea, Pacha etc. Dubai, Greece, Albania, and London were also injected with some of Mirage’s poisonous turning and scratching.

Plunging into production mode, July of 2007 saw the stardom of X-List Records LLC. A newborn label into an arena of competitors with mixed priorities, X-List Records is aiming for high notes as the one to give voice to artists first while compensating producers; all along erasing what seems to be an old conundrum in music. On the growth track, Mirage under X-List Records, has remixed for big artists as Boris Rush, Joseph Indelicato, Morgan Page, Charlie Solana, Solar Sun and Roger Sanchez. Churning out energy-fueled compilations such as “Tel Aviv Underground” has enticed big names to get on record as part of the label.

His best jaunt to date, White Chocolate, an album that goes to show taste can transition into music, was unchained on Beatport, the map for artists worldwide. “My World” a massive hit of beats flowing in a sea of synthesized sounds, housed number 1 for four unshakable weeks. On Mixmag the track was aptly nominated for the ‘youngest and influential producer of the year.’ Another, “So Dark”, held on to its slot on number 3. A fully-fledged artist, the catalog of genius tracks, compilations and vocals continues to rise high.