Ercan Babayigit

Marmaris, Turkey


KP Recordings
Ercan Babayigit Beatport


Ercan Babayigit was born in Germany on 24.04.1980, in the city of Dusseldorf. Having lived there 7 years, his family then moved to Turkey, Marmaris. Throughout his childhood his interest to music unremittingly increased; he was always listening and showed utmost attention to musical instruments that connected with today’s buzzword “digital”. Music kept on transcending him intriguingly so far that at the age of 14, he began to work by the side of his elder brother

as a Dj and light jockey duo in Les Freres in zmir. Not to forget, other than music itself, he conceived this work as his future by watching his brother who has great affect on him. In 1998 by the reference of Dj Company he had the opportunity of being resident Dj for the first time in Mares Shake Disco. Since that year he has worked as a resident Dj and been a guest Dj in various clubs, radios and parties of which you can see some list: mares shake disco, beach club, may way dance club, high end, high end(barstreet) and many more.

Currently in his home studio, he is working on composing different kinds of electronic music such as house, tribal, progressive, electro and club

Written By:Selin Gul Mutlucan