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ERA, is influenced by electronic music, especially by the house, after attending, by simple curiosity, an electronic event, in 1997, held in the Territory Bar with DJ Killer as a resident at the time. Immediately after that time grew his passion for the house and want to know everything about it.

Feeding their knowledge by attending numerous events watching and listening very carefully to see how DJ could and capturing the good, the bad and the ugly of each, thus forming slowly his style.

He attended a small class of induction of equipment for DJs (Turntables and CD players) issued by the Temple DJ (Bogota) in Pereira. A big help was DJ George, who made a big step in his training as a DJ, intellectual and personal. A long road of learning and practices that should go to be able to call DJ, but not before fully disclosed everything about the world of electronic music. when he faces the public, cares about “draw” his session with very mild strokes through Deep House, House, Progressive House, Progressive and Progressive Tribal. Music that can have sounds cheerful and dark. He characterized as a DJ Underground very competitive, its demonstrated by the public that he had the opportunity to listen his sessions. His projection for the future is to grow much more as a DJ and as a person, because nothing is enough to feed his passion for music?