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Tampa, United States

Drum & Bass, Progressive House

Equation Beatport


EQUATION – (LIVE PA) (Featuring: Goldfish is Rainbow Bridge, MathematiX-101) – Breaks/House/Drum & Bass

The “Visionary Theatrical LIVE PA Act” of the 21st century!

Not a lap-top performance, Equation is a very exclusive and innovative LIVE PERFORMING ACT!! The duo’s performance features GOLDFISH is Rainbow Bridge, the well known and long time master of the LIVE Performance. He will pump out a “COMPLETELY LIVE” high energy mix of multi-genre Progressive Electronic Dance Music and will take you on an aural journey through the music aspect of the show. Setting the tempo and never letting up as the set progresses to extreme levels. While the “WILD MAN” MathematiX-101 (Theatrical vocalist), incorporates his dark, and out of this world array of multi-style digitally enhanced vocals with real time synth filtered effects. He brings to life some of the craziest costumes and art styles during the stage show and adds the visual stimulations and vocal flare to the act. His vocal styles range from deep spoken poetic verses to MC rhyming and rugged rock and roll styles. The inventive stage show and cutting edge music styles will truly get your imagination on an adrenaline rush and show you how Equation has put a whole new meaning to a LIVE PA ACT! The Equation experience will create a dance filled frenzy that is sure to set your soul in motion. With Rainbow Bridge providing the LIVE music and the performance by MathematiX-101, you are sure to be blown away with an overwhelming display of Hard pounding LIVE original music, real time vocal sound effects, video projections, and talented dancers hand picked and costumed by MathematiX to participate in the stage show. Equation creates a vigorous atmosphere that will leave you mesmerized!! You never know what genre to expect from them. Their music touches upon many styles, ranging from hard breaks, drum and bass, house and experimental techno and they truly take pride in never performing the same set twice. Every performance is exclusive to each specific event! Usually mixing it up and including all genres in their sets, they also do sets consisting of strictly one genre for certain occasions.

Keep an eye open and ear to the speaker for the debut release “Noise Equation” this summer!!

Equation is sure to be one of the main highlights at any event;