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Cracow, Poland


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Jakub Dzióbak, known as Equalibrium, was born on 28 June 1990. He is a joyful perfectionist who lives his life with the dream of becoming the biggest DJ in the world. His passion is music, more specifically Trance and Progressive.

He has a set of rules by which he abides always and everywhere and is a well known resident of radio. His show “Uplifting Journey” has been getting more and more listeners around the world. However on 17 June 2009 he ended this show in order to start “Blueprint” on 1 July.

Equalibrium’s journey started in 2007 when he bought his first mixer. Ever since he took this path he met a lot of DJs from Europe, Americas and even Asia. His presence at parties guarantees top quality music that will blow the minds of the clubbers. One interesting thing to know about Equalibrium is that he wasn’t interested in music at all until he was 15 years old.