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Enzo T

Caserta, Italy

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

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Just three words: passion, love and amusement. Enzo Tarallo was born in Caserta on 9th February 1982. Growing up with hours and hours of MTv music, Eminem, Sean Paul and hip hop music since he was 16, Enzot has gradually made his first steps in the djing and mixing world. Just a “commercial” beginning, as y’all could think. But his musical tastes started to be more complex and more defined. Reggae and Reggaeton fastly melt down in a new scene, trying to make tribal house and reggaeton more closer, as long as he could. East Coast sound, Ghetto music and pure black music are now on the blocks. He doesn’t love to stay on the same side, he’s always looking for new impulse, new boundaries to face up.