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Enzo Siffredi


Below the Belt, DFTD, Erase Records
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I am no more significant than a blade of grass, yet the stars are no further than the chair I sit upon. We all came from the beginning, so we must remember we are one. I will return you to where we came, the nothingness that is everything. I am Enzo Siffredi.

Born underground in the depths of a Berlin basement, surrounded by procrastinators on mandy, while women wrapped themselves around the men that gathered here and spoke seductively in their ears for sport. I strayed away from the revellers that encircled me and found myself drawn to the lights that encapsulated a man, passionately stroking the keys of a piano in the dusty light.

Music became a feeling and gave me identity, it became a way of life. I could feel it running through my veins and I began stretching my passions to an extent that I thought I could break, but instead I discovered that this was progress. I had begun my pursuit for the evolution of Electronic Music and Club Culture.

There can be no turning back now, only forward.

Enzo Siffredi.