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Enter (Ru)

Moscow, Russian Federation

Tech House, Techno

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Russian dj/producer based in Moscow, real name Artem Yavnikov.

Played across a lot of techno places in Moscow (Monasterio, ICON, 16 Tons, Glina Bar, 13, Plunk, Hub & e.t.) and also had tour to Ukraine, to show his live skills and introduce him self with one of artists EXIVA [Items&Things,Sooner].

First single track Farabell was released att SoundnessMusic Recordings – Spain (, that was the start point for his project. After a few month he released EP-Burning People at Midside Records (, supported by Burning Man Russia (

Released EP – Whisper, on Portuguese record label Anonima, written in honor of his promo project EWM. Released his first Vinyl release 12’ on Vintage Avenue Recordings distributed by Proton Music (…enue-recordings). One of the latest releases on record label SOONER (, got in TOP20 bestsellers Junodownload and within a few months pretty sure peaked at higher positions

Since this project was made he made up for an 40 events in Moscow and created event Collab called EWM ( with his team, sharing music production (, where played many of Russian Producers such as B.Voice & Anrilov, Easy Changes, Sergey Sanchez, Slava Finist, Kompas Vrubel, Korablove, Push’n’Pull, Mostklik, Elay Lazutkin, Nikita Zabelin, Steff Mendesidis, Nick Larkin, Sofia Rodina, Golikov.