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Energy Alchemist

San Francisco, United States

Dubstep SF, Wayside Recordings
Energy Alchemist Beatport


Up in the secluded hills of Mendocino County, magic is taking place. An intrepid musicmaker spend his days and nights concocting a mix of industrial, tribal, psychedelic, glitchy dubstep, mid-tempo and ambient beats, filtering them through the mind of a 20 year metal instrumentalist. The result? Alchemy. Complex rhythms, fat basslines, and intricate melodies meld together into musical gold—creating a higher-level vibration out of base (bass) materials and higher-level awareness out of raw human energy.

For Energy Alchemist’s debut 11 track LP, Bill has teamed up with contributors Tommy Shannon, Jared Gordon, Top Shelf, Selector Science, Kiran Notez, and Dove from Black Rock City Allstars to take you on a sonic journey like no other. Close your eyes, open your mind, and watch the alchemy take place.