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  • Critical Music XX

    24 Kitchen Street

    Line-up: ENEI, KASRA, JAKES
    Thu 22nd September 10 PM
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It all began in 2003. 2007 turned out to be especially successful – that’s when Enei released his first record on the Dutch label Fokuz. That’s when he also strated producing dubstep, which resulted in the second dubstep vinyl release in Russia, including one solo track and two co-produced tracks with Ka (aka Implex). More releases are coming on the biggest European labels, and more collaborations with producers from all over the world are taking place. In his sets Enei mixes old-school neuro funk and tech step with fresh and trendy futuristic minimal dnb from Metalheadz, Critical and other labels. His tracks are played by Nu Tone, Heist, Ed Rush, Sabre, DJ Hype, London Elektricity, Bulletproof, Soul Intent, Utah Jazz, Bailey and many others.