Top 25k on The DJ List

Em Vee

Gloucester, Canada

House, Trance

Em Vee Beatport


Dj EmVee has always felt a need for his own sound since the age of 10 when he heard his very first typical track by Tiesto. This being a very high impact on him inspired him throughout the years hitting himself more and more with trance music. Tijs Verwest, him and his music highly inspired him to do what he does today.

Although Mike Vanasse aka. EmVee was born in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, having Dutch ancestors helped in keep in touch with his native land in the aspect of music. Trance music has then become a larger than life portion to him. This made him realize his own attributes and got himself together to get a hold of highly anticipated equipment as fast as he could.

Very close to making his first debut, Mike has propelled most of his intentions on impressing his fans more than anything else. This has made him a better and more respected person in the ways of being a DJ.