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For over a 15 years, New York City’s own high profiling Empress has rocked the world with her treasured heavy music and killer DJ sets. She has toured the best clubs, festivals & events all over Europe and Asia, has also played almost every major city in North America, including all over Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Known for repping the deep, dark, musical & rolling dramatic genres of Drum & Bass, while recently adding heavy Dubstep, nasty Industrial & filthy electro.

This femme fatale is a veteran Dj who’s devotion to music, revered sets and relentless ambition has sustained her esteemed global reputation. Her flawless mixing, esteemed technical skills, vast knowledge of music and high energy sets has set her apart from the mediocrity.

Empress has toured internationally Djing, Performing, Song Writing & Producing all genres of extreme Music. Specializing in DRUM & BASS, DANCE, METAL, INDUSTRIAL, ROCK, DEEP, DARK, EPIC Sounds.

In 1999, she was the first American Drum & Bass DJ ever invited to play in London.

In 2002, she released a mix CD on Topaz Records called “Stateside Sessions” scanning over 5,000 copies in sales. The CD was never repressed due to Topaz going out of business.

In 2003, Empress toured North America, playing almost every major city in both North America, Canada & Mexico.

In 2004, she produced & mixed 4 songs for NYC’s notorious band BLONDIE for their last album – “The Curse of Blondie”.

Throughout this entire time, between touring the globe DJing or taking studio production classes or pining away in her studio, Empress worked hard at becoming the studio professional that she always dreamed of being.

In 2006, her reworking of the song “We Live In Brooklyn” by Roy Ayers, entitled “Brooklyn Baby” was sold to Universal to be licensed to the HBO Film “Life Support” starring Queen Latifah, produced by Jamie Foxx.

After being based out of London in 2007 & 2008, and touring most of Europe, Empress decided to come back to NYC to form her first band and persue her song writing and singing.

In 2009, Empress wrote, recorded, produced & engineered her first solo album. She dedicated the year to finish the songs & to teach her band to play the songs from this new album. It will feature her singing with some of New York City’s brightest Musicicans.

In 2011, Empress released Empower Recordings’s first release “Alien Nation” with 2 dubstep remixes, a killa drum & bass remix & an industrial/experimental remix. This single is part of her new album that will be released in Summer of 2011. The music video of “Alien Nation” is set to be debuted end of June 2011 around the time of the Album “Savior” will be released.

Following this release, will be a world tour followed by more remixes & videos.

New York City’s brightest DIY star is shining brighter than before… and its only the beginning.