Top 25k on The DJ List

Emmit Otter

Phoenix, United States

Minimal, Psy-Trance


Emmit Otter was born and raised in the poor town of Frogtown Hollow and after losing the talent competition to the Riverbottom Gang, Emmit Otter moved to the desert with his Ma to settle down for awhile. Emmit Otter’s Pa died when he was young and they were very poor growing up but things are much better for Emmit Otter now. Emmit Otter heard so many wonderful things about the desert, he decided to move there. Emmit Otter is very excited to live here but it’s really hot! Emmit Otter will have to trim his hair for the summer to stay cool. Emmit Otter is just happy to have a new home with his Ma and to be closer to some of his DJ friends in Arizona. Emmit Otter is hoping to play some parties around the area as he is taking a bit of a break from touring.

Emmit Otter is a PsyTrance specialist but he loves Trance and Techno. Emmit Otter’s collection of music reflects his insatiable lust for sick tracks! Emmit Otter is also the front man for a Satanic Bluegrass band called The Emmit Otter Bluegrass Explosion with his long time friend, Young Fred. Other than that, Emmit Otter is on tour all the time and has traveled all around the world. Emmit Otter has met so many wonderful people in my travels and looks forward to more adventures.