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Emma Lanford

Cologne, Germany

Peppermint Jam
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Peppermint Lady number one: EMMA LANFORD

The voice behind “Horny, Fire, Is It cos I’m Cool?”, Right About Now and she has yet to release a solo record…

At the moment Emma Lanford is executing her vital role in the promotion of team mate Mousse T.€™s album project, “All Nite Madness”.

Emma has indeed been a source of inspiration for Mousse T. The untrained roughness has a natural jazzy blues connection which keeps Emma in a very special place in the Peppermint fold. Her live performance is that of an absolute veteran, commanding and captivating her audience as if she has been at it for a life time.

She also surprises with her acting skills – her role in the musical “Alice In Wonderland” in a Hannover theater house as the Cat, is a total hit, selling out every night it’s shown.

Down to earth, very natural, enchanting, sexy, what you see is what you get, are just a few positive qualities often said about the 26 year old Brummy.

Emma has everything an artist needs to be a success but the most important quality is the fact that she is a team player.

The Peppermint team will have her debut long play finished in 2005.