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Denver, United States

Hip-Hop, Techno

AKA: Emir Santana

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DJ Emir The Mixtape Jedi:

One of the world’s greatest DJs, DJ Emir knows the turntables, and uses them with the precision of a surgeon. He knows music and knows how to re-create it, redefine it, and bring it to life. His innovative techniques, ideologies and charismatic mixes distinguish him from his peers, setting him a cut and a scratch above. But most of all, DJ Emir knows people and knows how to move them. He exists to entertain and makes sure nightclub dance-floors are revitalized. For Emir is not just a DJ, but a Performer as well.

DJ Emir’s Mixtape and Nightclub Mixes have created followings around the world.With enthusiastic fans in the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico Prague, Spain, Australia, China, Russia and many other countries. His mixes transcend age, race, gender and genre to move people at their most primal level…

DJ Emir Moves The Soul

DJ Emir established himself as one of Denver Colorado’s Premier Nightclub DJs. Playing for some of Denvers Hottest elite nightclubs and venues. His remixes and selection made him one of Denver’s favorite Nightclub DJ’s. His ability to control the crowd and keep up a strong energetic Vibe throughout the night caught the eye of a TV producer. Emir was invited to be a guest DJ on Denver’s Next Level TV Show. The show went well and in 2001 DJ Emir’s remixes and blends landed him a permanent spot on Denver Comcast Cables number one Hiphop Entertainment TV Show- The Next Level. The Next Level’s Hosts Candice, Carlos and DJ Emir went on to create award winning shows focusing on Hiphop Entertainment, Dee Jaying, Politics, Relationships, self defense and many other issues affecting todays generations.

Using this and other successes as a spring board DJ Emir became a rising star in the hip hop mixtape scene. After years of Mixtape Cassettes he delved fully into the Mixtape CD scene with his Techniques Hiphop Mixtape Series. This series quickly became one of the top Mixtape series on the internet. His site has risen to the number one spot on most of the major search engines, and is consistently in the top ten for all the others for a reason… he’s got the skills and the talent for making the internets hottest mixtapes.

Look up Hip Hop Mixtapes, or Hiphop Music and you’ll no doubt find amongst the top results. Listen to the mixtape sample clips on his website and you’ll quickly hear why he is now the internets new favorite mixtape DJ.

DJ Emir’s promotional Mixtapes have reached worldwide distribution. With each Mixtape banging in Homes and vehicles all across the United States as well as England, Australia, South America, Hungary, Africa, all of Europe and Asia there isn’t a place on earth that isn’t bumping these Mixtapes… Even the polar Icecaps are melting from the heat that’s on these hot Mixtape CDs.

DJ Emir has also raised the bar by making all his mixtapes full length 80 minutes long. He believes a DJ should have stamina. The party doesn’t stop after just 30 minutes… so why should your Mixtape? DJ Emirs mixtapes Embody the hottest mixes and blends, they are real mixtapes after all…

Real DJs do real things!