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Naples, Italy


1991 Records, Arteria Music Label, Catslovebass
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Emilove dj born 9 December, 1978 in Castellammare di Stabia … Towards the end of 1989 only 11 years already has its first approaches music scene in Disco, House, Techno.Whit a name very childish art (dj Felix). In 1991, at 13 years start to do private parties with his friends, you can even dance to people older than him .. that is an adult audience … But his stage name not played very well. He began his musical career by only buying a console and take it very seriously. Begins to do evenings at various restaurants in the area, meet new people and much bigger than him. In 1991 he started to in other musical situations. Start doing things very nice.begins to create the grooves & loops so he was performing when he heard new things and unpublished. In 1997 he left for military service, but the passion is still in a limited way be neglected. In 2000, the scene changes its name becomes art (Emilove DJ) began to express itself in a radio local area involving so many people doing crazy programs & schools. It creates a staff of guys who had great passion and keep things right ! Starts so far in 2001 .. (Love to Love rec) composed Emilove, DJ & DJ Red Fa .. it becomes serious festivals are many including the famous MKP .. people still talk about today. In 2009, the rec LOVE LOVE to take another form with unlimited musical projects ever put on the market that is unprecedented. Today ’s Love to Love Current rec consists Emilove & The Dj ..