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Emilix name comes from his real name Emilio Ingrassia was born in 1987 in Bronte. Live and produces in Randazzo a village on the scapes of Etna the largest volcano in Europe between art, history, music and nature. Emilix composer and producer dedicated to the study of synthesizers and electronic music.

The music of Emilix is understood as sound experimental organized according to what so far is the definition that most of all it takes the ultimate essence but also music as scence, music as cosmogony, music as medicine, music as nature. Emilix in his musical repertoire intends eletronic music made whit instrumentation. The genres are produced by Emilix are, deep house, tech house, minimal, goa psy trance, electronic dub since most of his contemporary music is played and recorded in writing with electronic equipment its expression must be applied to music in which the eletronic component is intrinsic to the very nature of the songs his electronic music is applied to very different works by art electronic rock to new wawe or garage at the electro pop.

Everything comes to about twelve years old in 2002 when listening to a disk producer with experimental sounds throught an instrument the remin named after its inventor lived in the 20’s because it is a kind of antenna that translates the electromagnetic field in the simple imposition of the hands to change the arrangement of this field to get the sounos variables. In 2003 he began to mix the first vinyl and prepare various music play lists. As of 2004 years one of the groups most famous electronic music German Kraftwerk and then became interested in the production of sound derived from new tecnologies through samplers. In 2005 after a period of development it produces his first album (metal sim acid) of electronic music what broaden its horizons very syntetizers and sequences starting to be commonly used and longer limited experimental edge, he begins to be contacted to get knows through local radio and night location of the town or of hinterland so begins to promote his album.

In 2006 extemporaneously advance of house music began to use these tools on a pc with which you could do technical work as sample vici and change with the vocoder to changes to the point to give the effect that follows listening to some piece of Daft Punk: harder better, faster, stonger….

In the following years up to today is contacted of the best disco of Catania and Taormina has increasingly become making the production of electronic music more affordable for everyone. Just some easy in the use of computers and with very lowcost you have access to all means possible to compose and sound also you can use older tecnologies that can be stacked to composed not to mention the possibility of contamination with acoustic and electronic sounds. Generally his electronic music uses simpletime as 4/4 and like taking a beat between 110 an 130 BPm and take into account the use of bass and electric guitars, keyboards, drum machine, synthetizers and sequencers including the most used the moog keyboard and guitar synth.

The story of music

In 2007: began a make (eastern geometries evolution of house music between tribal and eletronic)

In 2008: makes his third disk called H2O by entering an infinite ambient sounds.

In 2009: produced three single alone the minimal, armonica love will never, sound of the piano and sax infinite.

In 2010: he starts changing gender evolution produces minimal house only a year as many as 3 cd including India – Alkaloys – Kill Funk.

In 2011: with four cd ( Last Artist – Planet Nibiru – Last to me – Electro Future)

In recent years Emilixdj changes typically include in its repertorie the new genre.

In 2012 is contacted by a Berlin label The Code2 recordes produces as many ten cd’s.

In 2013 produces Requiem a project in collaboration with rap skill strongly advocate and aired on 16mm italia2 trasformer a projects in collaboration with the artist Sergio Treglia (My Way) another sperimental project ( Benediction it’s you) project in collaboration with the FCL (This is my night) project in collaboration with the master Marco Francesco Lo Presti and the mitic voice of Miriana Furnari (Over the light) an exclusive collaboration with the Spinnin records.

In 2014 produces Aisha, Short dick man remix project in collaboration with the Gillette Group (I’ ll fty with you) project remix tech house in collaboration with Sagi Rei my tipycal piece of years 90 (No words) single tech house (Seclorum) of genre Goa Psy Trans.

The music of Emilixdj you find in all the best stores:

i-tunes, beat port, E music, Amazon mp3, deezer

Summer 2015 Emilix work at your first album beyond the sound namely out of the sound inspired by the sounds of Berlins and a sound of the East Orient. Synthesized with grove beat an 125 bpm but converted to the frequency of 432 hz. The concept deeper to support this frequency lies inits maggiire harmonicity with nature and with processes of life that is also confirmed in the climatica. The harmonic frequence 432 hz it is found in all the sounds that nature produces itself, and also in planetary phenomena such as the movement of the sun and saturn and is in contrast to the frequency 440 hz that is the standard used by the music now a days. It is logical to think that there also frequences harmonic with these charateristics of life and other disarmonious with them for the supporters of this view are harmonic 432 hz while 440 are not, and would cause more tension and stress than the first frequency. Mozart and Verdi was utilizzators of 432 hz so much so that it was even called the tuning of Verdi, so let’s say there are brillant precedentes. Here are the reasons for the choice of the Emilix. The Cd beyond the sound it is divided into the first volume that contains has many as six audio tracks that you can already find in all stores of the world I-tunes , beat port, amazon mp3 gender called deep tech house and a second volume that is already being processed for release in September 2015 beyond the sound vol.1 well it contains six audio tracks including vol.1

Track.1 Good time

Track.2 For your life

Track.3 Cospiration

Track.4 Love your body

Track.5 Empy spaces

Track.6 Kamal

In the summer 2015 Emilix produces another cd of different gender for the lovers of electronic music progressive have a speed of well 154 bpm called Orion contains an original version Goa Psy Trance and a version remix dub electronic inspired at the costellation of Orion inside the track synthesized sounds of our universe and a variand of local loop.

In september Emilix presents a new CD at international event of fashion The Look of the Year event world, Love your body a disk of current fashion gender deep house lounge with an elegant sound surrouded by guitar and violin. The album of Emilix beyond the sound. It has been succesfully exported to Europe’s best clubs of Spain Ibiza, Germany, Berlin and London.

By october 2015 Emilix start composing produces new album of electronic music in the world house, which will be offered in the most famous fashion shows around the world.