Top 50k on The DJ List

Emiel Zwart

Rotterdam, Netherlands


DNA_rec, Underdub Records
Emiel Zwart Beatport


DJ Emiel Zwart was born and raised in Bergambacht, a small village near Rotterdam. He discovered the wheels of steel when he was 16. After spinning a while he became to like it and he knew for sure that he would continue his career as DJ.

After spinning at different school party’s loads of people became interested. With his different styles from techhouse to uplifting techno and a good quality of mixing he won a DJ contest in “het Gebouw” Lekkerkerk. Shortly after that he was standing in the finals at the Backspin DJ contest in Nighttown Rotterdam!

Beside this one he also spinned at these clubs: Nighttown" Rotterdam, “FWWD Danceparade” Rotterdam, “Calypso” Rotterdam, “Club Rage” Rotterdam, “Hollywood Music Hall” Rotterdam, “het Gebouw” Lekkerkerk, and many more…..

Every time DJ Emiel spins at parties he surely makes the crowd completely crazy with his different styles from techhouse and uplifting techno.