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DjeMBeY, Musician/Producer/Drummer, was born in Poland in 1978. Music was always part of his life. His love for electronic music began in the late ‘80s/early ’90s when he heard some of Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, The Orb.

Over the next few years he was fascinated by the sounds of The Prodigy, The Aphex Twin, Underworld, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Aphrodite.

After many years of listening to a wide range of music from Classical through R&B, Rock, Drum&Bass, Trance, House, Minimal he was torn because he loved the energy that Techno gave him but at the same time felt that something was missing or could be done differently.

In 2004 he first played on the African drum ‘Djembe’ and has loved to play ever since… He’s a natural-born drummer with great range of rhythms coming out of his drums. On a few occasions he has played drums at underground parties in Brighton with his friends DJ’s SubTone and Arkadiusz Koper playing Minimal and House music.

Inspired by music from clubs in Poland, Holland, Greece and the UK he has decided to work on his own style which you can hear today.

Future projects will include his drums….