Top 25k on The DJ List

Eltonio Estavez

Utrecht, Netherlands



Eltonio Estavez started playing records about 12 years ago as a drum and bass DJ, influenced by the likes of Aphrodite, Amir, and Metalheads a.o. Initially playing drum and bass, he honed his mixing skills, before discovering the world of house music.

Living in a small town, DJ opportunities had been hard to find. Playing at the local clubs and pubs he learned to play for a live audience. In 2003 Eltonio moved to the city to gain more opportunities to play. Having previously only played in small local clubs, pubs, competitions and at parties, he was soon playing at one of the hottest clubs in the city of Utrecht, Club Havana. Being a resident at Havana gave him more gigs than he good imagine. Within a few weeks he was asked for several more parties and events.

Since then, Eltonio’s sound of super sexy, groovy, Latin, funky and soulful house music, excellent quality of mixing and infectious energy behind the decks have made him a brilliant choice for several promoters.

Not only is Eltonio Estavez a great dj, he’s also working on a career as a producer. Working with various artists he makes a name for himself in the dance industry.

Playing with DJ’s like Fedde Le Grand, Fedor Limjoco, Danii Roxx, Hombre de la Costa, Bono, DJ Dior, John Wooh, Future Groove express, Laurenzo, MC Dice, Miss Chianty , but to name a few, pushes him to work harder on his DJ Career.

Co-Founder of a dj agency, he gives new talent a chance to get behind the decks to show their skills in front of a live audience. Creating his own unique concepts for events and parties, Eltonio is frequently asked to develop one. Working with a Professional team of experts in the industry and living up to the standards of his clients, his concepts are very successful.

Eltonio Estavez’s goal is to do what he loves with his music and make himself and other people happy with what he does best.