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Eloi Brunelle

Montreal, Canada


Eloi Brunelle Beatport


“Cool contours and a warm heart” is how the French magazine TRAX describes his funky tech-house. However, it’s his energetic live and dj performances and his affinity for his audience that has brought Eloi Brunelle’s recognition in the electronic music scene since 1998.

His reputation in Montreal leaves nothing to be desired; he has played in all the important festivals in the city, including the Meg, the Montreal Jazz Festival, Elektra and Mutek. He maintains close relationships with nightlife venues such as Stereo and cultural venues such as SAT (Societe des Arts Technologiques). The SAT that was forged by the legendary Epsilonlab parties held there. He is in fact the director of the associated record label and net-label witch have a total of 27 releases.

The quality of his music has often been recognized via numerous prestigious nominations: “Electronic Music Artist of the Year” at the 2001 MIMIs (Montreal Independent Music Industry awards), “Electronic Album of the Year” 2 years in a row, for his albums “Elsonic Project” and “Live @ Neuchatel” at the ADISQ awards, and again “Electronic Album of the Year” at the Independent Canadian Music Awards in 2003.

In the last four years, his international profile has grown tremendously from several important tours, playing in France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile and Mexico. He has participated in several important events and festivals, including the Techno Parade & Printemps de Bourges in France, the Expo.02 in Switzerland, and Cosmopolis in Portugal. He has had the opportunity to play in several legendary clubs, such as the Elysee Monmartre and Batofar in Paris, and Fabric in London.

Eloi Brunelle has rapidly entered the big leagues and he plans on staying there. His minimal electro funky house sound is spreading like a virus around the world, infecting electronic music lovers everywhere…