2004 ETS GLOBAL BROADCAST One of the biggest Internet radios asked dj Elof to deliver a guest set. On Monday the 5th of October, around midnight his special set was air... read more
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Location: Ghent, Belgium Belgium
Genre: Trance
Labels: Bonzai Music, SPG Music



One of the biggest Internet radios asked dj Elof to deliver a guest set. On Monday the 5th of October, around midnight his special set was aired. More info about ETS Global can be found at the website.


The 4th of September 2004. A date that will never be forgotten… because of dj Elof’s taste about ‘trance’, the organization behind AIB gave him the opportunity to show his skills to a variety of audience. Warming up from 21.30h till 00.00h, just before M.I.K.E., Armin Van Buuren & John OO Fleming.


Carretro, a new concept is launched together with dj Elof. Not just an ordinary retro party, but selected retro trance from 1995 – 2000. Immediately the concept is a big success which results in bookings until the end of 2005. Each party will be held at the night before a nation holiday.


In January a new concept is launched every last Friday of the month. DJ Elof is asked to bring a mixture between groove, club, house and trance music. At the first edition, more than 3.000 party people show up. Every month the parties are a big success. With a top night in June 2004: more than 4.200 party people!


Because of the good responses on his mixes every Friday night, a new step is necessary. In June 2004 dj Elof receives his own radioshow, every Monday between 20h – 22h. Only the newest trance music, mostly promo’s and advanced previews.


Atmoz is hosting an area at this festival. Pat Krimson asks dj Elof to do a dual performance that day. The first performance consists mainly about groove and club music. The second performance is more trance minded, which is very liked by the Dutch people. DJ Elof’s second year in a row at this festival! Capacity: 7.500 people.


A big reunion party is held at the Souverein (Lommel). Although a surprise for the audience, not for the Zillion people, dj Elof is the only deejay that night. Together with Frank Verstraeten (aka dj Fou) a huge spectacle of light, show, images and good music takes place. Zillion is back…

After this huge event many little parties, either on location or held in the original Zillion buildings, are very wanted by the audience. Zillion starts with an Internet radio where many of dj Elof’s promo mixes are aired in loops. The first Zillion Beach party is held in June 2004 at Hasselt.


Guy Ornadel, manager of Nettwerk record label (which includes Delerium and Filterheadz) had his own show on Ministry Of Sound. After sending in a demo tape dj Elof was voted for best UK future trance talent. Out of more than 430 entries, together with 6 others voted for number 1.


If there is one truck that everybody talked about: Zillion! A massive truck with a balloon hanging a few meters above the truck. An outrageous crowd on and next to the truck, wanting only but the best trance and retro trance played by dj Elof. At the meeting point all trucks are playing, but only one was the loudest… an impressive day!


Atmoz relocates, from Vosselaar to Berchem. DJ Elof is asked to be the resident deejay, where hard trance is the main music style.