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Ellie N

Bucharest, Romania

Open Format, Techno

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I started playing electronic music 6 years ago. It’s hard to figure out what made me love music more, because I’ve always been attracted to absolutely all forms of art. When I was little I practiced dance, and I’m still doing it by attending contemporary dance classes, I used to draw, and now I like to do video editing or visuals, I took piano, violin and harmonica lessons, and now I like to play music and love to do it the most.

My creative life style is reflected in everything I do. I can say that surrealism can describe best my work, being “my way of living and thinking”, “refusing the world as it is, proposes to transform the world and both to change life” (Jaqueline CHÉNIEUX-Gendron).

I entered the electronic music scene by organizing various events to promote urban culture, that materialized into real events that have resonated throughout the country (Octopus Corporation, 2003-2007; Aural Perception, Industrial Street, 2006-2007; BamBoom, Intim, 2009 etc.).

I started to mix in 2006, combining a variety of styles (Drumandbass, Breakbeat, Funk, Old Skool, Tech Funk, Deep House, Soulful, Vocal & Jazzy House etc..) that were more or less influenced by moods and emotions that I wanted to send at that time. By playing different styles, I became the host of many local and online stations or bars and clubs from all over the country.

After taking a break, I moved to Bucharest and started to play music again, making selections by feeling, more precisely ‚soulection’, mixing styles as Disco, Deep House, Bassline, Balearic, Detroit, Nu Disco, Soulful House, Funk, Jazzy House to Classics and many more, but dreaming to blend music, dance, visual and imagination into a single performance.

When you hear me playing, the only thing I want you to be, is creative!