Name: Elina Milan Age: 24 years Birthday: March 5, 1986 Hometown: Almaty (Kazakhstan) Height: 160 cm / 5' 3'' Weight: 43 kg / 94 lbs Eye color: Light brown (without P... read more
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Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Genre: Trance
Labels: SK Yaris Records Inc

Name: Elina Milan

Age: 24 years

Birthday: March 5, 1986

Hometown: Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Height: 160 cm / 5’ 3’’

Weight: 43 kg / 94 lbs

Eye color: Light brown (without Photoshop…hehe)

Hair color: Dark brown

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Languages: I speak russian and english

Family: Elena (mom), Sergey (dad), Emil (brother)…and 1 dog…lol

Occupation: Musician – songwriter, co-writer of melodies and vocalist

Influences: Armin Van BuurenI love this guy, he is the best Dj ever!

Interests: I love taking pics, singing, writing lyrics, working in music programs, drawing, going out with my sister, watching movies and yeah, hanging out on the internet…)))

Special talents: I have many hidden talents, do I have to start counting? lol : )

Nicknames: Elli, Elya, El, Ellie

Cute? Ewww, really? Nah, I don’t think so )

Status: Single…I don’t have a bf

Been in love: Never!

Here for: Networking, friends

Online a lot? Yep, yep!!! )

Myspace or Facebook: Myspace 4ever!

Every day I spend on MS: 5 – 8 hours ))

Day or night: Night

Bed time: From 4.00 till 8.00 am

First thought when I wake up: I want to check my e-mail… lol

House or apartment: House

Clothing style: Casual, I like jeans and tops

Glasses or Contacts lenses: I wear glasses

Shy or outgoing: Sometimes I’m terribly shy, especially with guys…so true :P

Favorite color: Blue, pink and all bright colors

Books: Alice in Wonderland, Twilight saga

Number: 5 and 13

Animal: Cats : )

Flower: Tulips

Biggest fear: Death

Weakness: Chocolate

Season of the year: Spring, summer, autumn, but not winter, cold? No way! : )

Snow or rain: Sun !!! lol

Noise I love: Ocean waves, rain

My most overused words: “Cool, damn, yeah, my god, sweet…”

Favorite quote: “Don’t be afraid to dream”…

Movies: “My boss’ daughter”, “Step up”, “John Tucker must die”, “A walk to remember”, “Twilight”, “Titanic”, “Just married”, “Lost”, “The Covenant”, “Coyote ugly”, “James Bond/Casino Royal”, “Terminator 2”, “Matrix”…etc…

TV show: “The Hills”

Reality show: “Dom 2”

Cartoon: I’m a huge fan of “Sponge Bob”…Damn, this guy rocks! :D

Type of music: Electronic music basically, but I listen to different styles

Favorite music: Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Ashley Tisdale, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Nicole Scherzinger, Inna, Pussycat dolls, Britney Spears, Evanescence, Within Temptation…etc.

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thank you for the visit !!! : )

xoxo, Elina ~


Elina Milan