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Elias Merheb Stamina

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Hailing from the mountains overlooking the Eastern Mediterranean, 3LIAS slowly followed a deep, dark groove all the way down to the coast. More specifically the old city quarantine of Beirut. There he was swallowed up by the iconic B 018’s retractable rooftop and became its resident decknician in 2006 after helping create Lebanon’s underground scene through the lates 90s and early 2000s.

Today, almost a decade into his residency at B 018, 3LIAS has transformed it into a subterranean factory of silky synths drenched in melancholic, rolling grooves and deep, dark-driven beats that entrance the mind and move the feet till the early hours of the morning.

When not touring the region or orchestrating his weekly B 018 nights, 3LIAS, Jimmy Van M and Luxor T have been churning out beautifully reimagined remixes for artists like Karada and Pedro Mercado’s “Tale of You”. Their originals “DA Goom” have also been released on labels like Dave Seaman’s Selador Recordings, and a remix on Solee’s Parquet Recordings, with several more set for release in the coming year.

3LIAS collaborates regularly with talents from around the world, as well as unprecedented endeavors with fellow Lebanese musicians of all sorts and genres. Together, 3LIAS has the perfect combination helping redefine the art of making Beirut’s human beings (and more and more people from around the world), dance well into the night.