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He was born in 1980 and raise into a music lovers family. Since he was a little boy, he hear a great variety of styles like classic music, jazz, or the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rock. When he was 9 (1989, 2nd summer of love) he bought his first musicasettes of the electronic music of those years, the eurobeat and the acid house.Step by step he began to love this “electronic thing” with more energy, and with the first pc he had, he take his first contact with the music production. He was 15.

Elias has played in clubs such the Spanish famous “Le Club” (Valencia) and in great festivals like the Europride 2007 in Madrid in front of thousands of people. He has also appeared in radio stations like RadioKlub, France sharing line up with djs like Dj Chus or Nacho Marco, and have contracts for act in radios like Proton Radio, DI Fm, or Frisky Radio.

At 26 he started Homeware, a professional production studio for music creation, signing his first discographic contract before of its first year of life, achieving to sharing label with producers like Gayle San, Mateo Murphy, Dj Preach, Alex Bau, Steve Stoll, Toni Rios, Commander Tom, Ryoh Mitomi, Tim Baker, Takashi Watanabe, Dave Tarrida, Woody McBride, Adam Jay, Patrick Pulsinger o Voco Derman to name a few, focusing his style to the called-by-many Neo Trance style.

With productions signed in the five continents, and thousands of listeners of his “Hi-Tech Sessions” monthly podcast, this “electronic thing” seems to be a great travelling companion for Elías.