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Toulouse, France

Electro House

Killerrrec, Rock Machine Records
Electrosexual Beatport


Young French producer and music lover Electrosexual has been making music since 1999 dividing his time between producing his own material, remixing tracks for other artists, and spinning at various events in Montréal, Paris, Barcelona, and Toulouse, his unique flavor of Electro Hip Funk™.

Electrosexual’s passion for electronic dance music saw him hook up with some brilliant emerging artists worldwide such as: SCREAM CLUB (Olympia, Washington), THE FITNESS , LESBIANS ON EXSTASY (Montréal), PiNKGLOVE (aka Alma X., Spain), VOLKSMUSIK (France), INDY 500 (California), ODD (Berlin), MING&PING (San Francisco) and Oakland’s LOVEMAKERS. His collaboration with HOUSTON BERNARD (New York) is now released on the neuton/mofa electric pop vol3 compilation.

2004 saw the completion of an ever growing number of remixes and personal productions Electrosexual is currently living in Toulouse (France) working on his first album.