A hundred-sack of the most cutting-edge tunes from a genre that’s hard to put a finger on. Put ‘em all together and you’ve got Long Beachs ELECTROboobies.

The Boobies:

Best friends Bep and Trae Ann, the girls next door of electronic music, have broken out and as far as anyone can tell, are unstoppable. The outfit went from concept to conception in less than two month. Even before their first show under the provocative moniker, their fan base was astronomical.

The girls started a popular group on myspace and accumulated nearly a thousand members before their first official gig, lovingly named Training Bra, in January, 2004. This show was such a success that they’d wrapped up a monthly at the venue (Que Sera) before the final track was spun. A near-record attendance was recorded for the night and the crowd was charged with the energy only these two newcomers could bring.


Falling somewhere on the electronica barometer between pop, techno and breakbeat, electroclash is the flavor of this outfit. If you haven’t heard the term before, you’re not alone. The burgeoning scene may soon have the force of a tidal wave of artists and DJs. But ELECTROboobies will be at the helm of their own ship.

Like all music, electroclash borrows from other styles. ELECTROboobies spins a wide variety of styles within this genre, including everything from 80’s remixes to dark, sick rhythms and beats that will turn your insides to jelly and make your ears and dancing feet smile. While the music is new, much of it sounds like it could have come straight from 1980’s Detroit or even Germany. The brilliance of this style of music is that it doesn’t sound dated but rather timeless.


Bep and Trae Ann both spin with childlike innocence and carefree attitudes, putting as much care into the delivery of the mix as they do into working the crowd, both on and off the decks. One of the great things about Bep and Trae Ann is that they actually dance, unlike so many modern DJs. One of these techno-evangelists actually swore she would never spin records, until she realized that this type of music existed. One record led to another…