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Let’s talk about Electrixx, a Projekt, that was born with a lot of names.

So there is Erikk aka Tiefenrausch, who meets Stigma 23 aka Monolith aka Electronic Bitch and these two Guys starts in the beginning of 2004 a Live Project names Electrixx.

Over nine years in music business is the reason for a really good start without any Problems.

They had a long list of releases in such a short time. Wow, normally it is not easy to do something like this today. The last highlight that they released was – Frequenzstarung- licensed by Karatemusic, a floorfiller which rocks the whole clubs all over Europe. This Track was more than eight weeks in the top ten from the ten biggest Online Record stores in Europe, the highest new entry in the ECC Charts and two weeks on second position in the Dance Charts of Down Under. More than 4 500 Vinyls was out In not more than three months, that was not luck, it was hard work and a lot of know how and energy.

And just this they got to give on Dancefloor, a live act from Electrixx means for the people over 60 minutes of swept, rock and screaming, just a rocking Party! Have fun!