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Electric Indigo

Vienna, Austria

Electronica, Techno

AKA: Susanne Kirchmayr

Houztekk Records, TEMP
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Anyone seeking pure invigoration of the mind, body and soul need only surrender themselves to the whirled web of exhilaration spun by none other than DJ Electric Indigo. Take a moment to consider the source of her techno-liberation style, and begin to appreciate the intelligence behind the effect. Electric Indigo’ appearance on the Viennese club scene in 1989 marked the commencement of her quest to evolve the Jazz and Funksets of the time by progressing towards the Detroit and Chicago beats that are controlled by her mixes today. Employing her sagacity in over 113 clubs worldwide has enabled Indigo to develop her distinct techno-ideal XTSound.

As if she has not already established a unique identity, Electric Indigo can boast a dynamic career as a DJ. Her experience includes a three-year stint with no less than the nexus of worldwide techno, Hard Wax in Berlin. From 1993 to 1996, she determined the purchase and communication field of this influential record store. From there, she moved back to Vienna and focused intently on creating her own studio. During 1998 and 1999, she pioneered several ventures to keep techno culture evolving. The result, indigo:inc., is a server for extended party experiences and other multimedia events.

She currently works with the alternative television shows “Indigo Encounters” and “TIVIT” in Vienna. The former features international musical artists, while the latter is a weekly one-hour program that discusses current technology, with topics ranging from technical innovations, open source, privacy and civil rights. An intelligent creator of the techno-ideal, Electric Indigo adds the presence of sound to the concept of musical impact, ultimately resulting in a vitalizing physical experience.