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Elchinsoul, by his real name Luca Ioan, born in 25th of August 1988 based in Bacau, Romania.

As a new name in the electronic underground music industry his career starts as a dj in 2004, when he first started to play in several clubs near his city willing to put in value his prefered genre and style of tech house and house music.

After graduation, he comes in Bacau to continue his studies, where he starts to be a producer together with Bvaltik and after involves himself in a project, Loco Brigada with Las Yeso, and they begin to play in several clubs from Bacau and other places from Romania.

The artis name Elchinsoul makes his appereance , when he was anounced as winner of the best remix for the contest of the italian producer Paolo Driver organized by Cimelde Records in 2010 also having this great opportunity along with others remixers including the E.P like The Junkies & Ben Anders.

After this warming success, he started to work and having more and more remix requests like the one he did for the Romanian duo Ciupy and Mihai Bejenaru on their original track called Remake, and shortly after that he starts a few other collaborations with artists like: Alexandros Dever, Bvaltik, Petta, Angelo Draetta, Chube.ka, Maiki, London Fm, Juan Zolbaran, Jave and Dj Crash.

His biggest activity and royal time comes, when he joined the label called BM Slim and signed his Trase EP wich receives a positive reaction and strong support by great names like: Loco Dice, Dave Ellesmere, Sasch BBC, Daniel Sun, Arado, Tapesh, Horatio, Luca Cazzoni, Greg Parker, Lars Wickinger, Jesus Pablo, Sean Danke, Rob Small, Marko Roca and others.

After all this activities he has several musical works from wich he gathers his experience as a dj and producer influencing his career in the best way.