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Dj Einstein, born David Alexander is a gentleman & a scholar amongst a dance music artist. At the young age of 18, Dj Einstein was “called” to duty as a Jr. researcher to work with a neurologist before entering into college. This young man’s proposals for the advancement of science allowed him to study the regenerative effects of neurons upon stroke trauma to the brain. Responsible for a special protein associated with neuronal responses after stoke, his research was published before he even graduated college! As a result of his scholarly repertoire, he was granted full ride scholarships to several Ivy League medical schools.

As impressive as these accomplishments are, Einstein declined these offers & pursued his passions of music composition & moved to Los Angeles, California where he found new glory at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We asked Einstein, why would he want to enter the “treacherous” world of the entertainment industry rather than be one of the most successful doctor’s in science? He simply replied,” I have more than one calling & GOD has given me the gifts necessary in order for me to do it all.”

Even though Einstein has had his fair share of the sciences, the only thing you’ll catch this artist synthesizing is a batch of highly distinct electro house, trance, sound tracks for film, & hip hop grooves. As a music producer, Dj Einstein has released Mix Tapes & CD’s since the 1990’s. Titles in his Discography include: “Dj Einstein: E=MC2,” & “Theory of Musictivity.” “Electro Trance Theory” is Einstein’s latest release with Raven Lane Records, which has gained momentum since its inception late November 2009. The album includes his most popular tracks: “U Ain’t Gotta Lie FT. Gbaby”, “Zectro,” & “Euro Electro.”

Since the release, the album has been turning heads despite economic turmoil. Over 700 retail online stores now carry “Electro Trance Theory” including iTunes, eMusic, djdownload, & Juno Download just to name a few digital music suppliers.

Musician, Scientist & Scholarly DJ—-No wonder E.I.N.S.T.E.I.N has significant meaning. His stage name stands for: “Every Incredible, Non-Stop Sound That Evidently Ignites Naturality.” We are really excited to have such a plethora of talent here at Raven Lane Records. Stay tuned for more innovative music from the man who thinks beyond music—-Dj Einstein!