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Berlin, Germany

House, Tech House

Bouq, Diynamic, Dogtown
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It’s time for some visions, for future sounds and audacious compositions. It isn’t essential how everything started. Einmusik becomes a unique producer over the last 10 years with non traditional sounds which made him a questioned person in the modern electronic house establishment.

The first album “De’ Medici“ was a high class mixture of the Einmusik sounds and the shows of Samuel Kindermann, based in Berlin by now, are known for it’s energetic and fascinating style. He is one of this rare entertainers in the circus, picking up the crowd with emotions and style.

Now it’s time to bundle up the mutli cultural impressions from more than 200 shows and journeys all over the world. A new album is coming up in 2011. It will be influenced by the work with many of today’s most respected labels and artists. It will be influenced by the past and the future of electronic sounds and Samuel’s personality change. His passion for music, for strong melodies and the deep impressing game of beats and claps will bring up multidimensional and boundless sounds.

The production work finds outlet on Samuel’s superb Einmusika label, which he runs on a daily basis, constantly refining and developing his signature sound while also keeping a firm watch on and providing a platform for a growing number of budding new producers whose music he nurtures and releases on the label.

Pay close attention as Samuel brings all things of Einmusik to a soundsystem near you whether it is from the studio, his label or the stage! The man is on a mission!