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This dj Colombia has been recognized in the undergroud scene of Medellin where the trance genre has come to take a very important place among people. Tronic e’M next to the company Astral Recordings, United Artist and Trance Connection have come to realize events such as the liquid paradise, farm trance, release zone, in trance we trust, essential trance, Evolution In Progress, Impulz, Love Parade Venezuela, LocoNautic Parade (Medellinstyle) among others where a large number of people have felt the strength and energy of their taps based on sound progressive, energy and Techtrance.

In an extensive search by creating new sounds Tronic e’M knows CarlZeus a producer trance that through their taps has earned a very important place among the public and among society. Astral Recordings Together they create an important center where they recorded the biggest trance remixes of the area, which has given them credibility and acceptance among the public electronic The label was launched in 2006 at a major festival where they met more than 1000 people to Stamp launch.

In 2007 one of the great achievements of Tronic e’M was to have attended where his love parade venezuela performans was warmly applauded by the press Venezuelan based in Caracas, Baruta, had also attended the summer of Mar Del Plata Argentina, where I play next to some of the best DJs in the world, there is this great dj Colombian managed to emerge from its inception in 2000, At this time Tronic e’M & CarlZeus working to stamp his astral where recordings have brought significant ep’s like Nemesis, 1.2.3, Horizont, and more and Holding Top proximante with remixes of the best trance DJs in the world as Tom Colontonio Van Linden John Askew, Paul Wester, Simon Patterson and more. Since 2008 Astral Recordings.

In the current year to Tronic e’M had the opportunity to share stage with DJs such as Andy Moor, Dave Seaman. JOHN O’CALLAGHAN, SEAN Tyas, Greg Downey and more that make this one of the most influential DJs trance of colombia, besides being invited to the south american music conference for 2009 in Argentina, tronic e’m plans to give it a guiro his life as an artist to travel permanently to Miami, USA where the idea is to focus on their productions and their style.