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Born into the ritzy, glamorous and rocking environment of Marbella Eduardo Reyes is inspired by his early love of house music and starts mixing at the age of 15. His talent becomes widely acknowledged by club owners and at the age of 17 his DJ career is initiated as the resident DJ of Comedia Disco Club in the year 2000. The young crowd frequenting the nightclubs is enthused by Eduardo Reyes performance and he becomes a successful and well-loved DJ. House Music becomes increasingly popular in Marbella thanks to DJs such as Edu Reyes. As he gains more popularity and experience Edu Reyes is offered sessions in clubs all over the southern coast of Spain: Bohemian, TIVU, New Faces, Coyote Lounge, Premiere Club, etc.. In 2005 Edu Reyes performs with national stars as resident DJ of the famous Passion. In the summer of the same year he releases his first vinyl The Sound of Erick Sound. The track The Crazy Sound recieved international, world wide acclaim and made the charts of Carlos Manaca, owner of Magna Recordings and associate of Stereo Productions. Presently Edu Reyes is resident DJ of the most exclusive club in southern Spain: Suite. In January of the year 2006 Edu Reyes established his own record label with his associate Andrea Privitera. Their trademark Frecuencies Recordings is supported by Pachas Ibiza resident DJ Juan Diaz, who shares ownership of Marfil Recordings with Dany Chatelain and is mastermind of the prestigious Codigo of Tarragona, by Anthony Class, well known beyond the Spanish territory for his productions by Alex Gomez, famous DJ in the south of Spain, who also took first steps towards producing in 2006. The label Frecuencies Recordings is dedicated to a unique style of house music: The new concept of House Music. Eduardo Reyes blends latin, tribal, electronic and progressive sounds to adapt to the premises and ambience of the setting achieving a premiere with each performance. Frecuencies first release Lies was presented at Dreamers on April, 1st 2006. Edu Reyes, producer, is accompanied by Bruce Baps, who sang Lust4U in 2005, produced by Jose Nuez of Subliminal Records. Lies was succesfully remixed and remastered by Juan Daz. Steering towards success Edu Reyes delivered a remix of That Girl (Juan Daz) and in July 2006 released ANED along with Andrea Privitera, supported by Roger Sanchez, who has promoted Edu Reyes sessions on his radio programme maxima fm (Espaa). Edu Reyes career so far culminates with his number 1 hit Im The Soul being played at every venue, discotheque and wherever people gather. In Summer 2006 Edu Reyes was requested to perform weekly at the famous club Dreamers, Cathedral of House Music, and is expected to continue drawing crowds in winter 2006/2007.