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Eddie Edul

Sacramento, United States


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Eddie Edul is your DJ.

From the early days of modern clubbing, spinning the classic Dance and New Wave tracks of the Mid-80’s. To the sweaty, adrenaline-fueled nights playing House and Techno inside dark warehouses during the 90’s. To present day, rocking Sacramento’s mega clubs with the hottest jams of the moment. He plays the best rooms. He spins the hottest tracks. Eddie understands the dance floor because he comes from the dance floor.

Eddie has turned the passion of his youth into a career spanning decades. While other artists have shied away from the dance floor, Eddie has pushed forth and touched thousands with his incredible dexterity and programming skill. One of an elite group of club DJs (who is also an accomplished turntablist), Eddie knows that it takes more than fancy tricks to rock a party. It all comes down to “The Song”.

The right song, the right time, the right place.

“I think walking into the club, feeling positive vibes and seeing smiles from the crowd are always a good start. Playing a good set: good songs, some tricks and scratching, to a crowd that can appreciate and are receptive to the work that I’m doing. And to finish it off, breakfast with friends so we can trade stories from the night…” This is how he lives every weekend.

It is truly rare to find someone in the entertainment industry so devoted to the music, the party, and the moment. He’s LIVED this: turning friends into exceptional DJs. Sharing nights with all the best local talent as well as world class jocks & recording artists. Sliding easily from House Music to Commercial Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B. To even promoting underground artists and new music at the grass roots level. In the fevered environs of any of his many area residencies, you can get acquainted with Eddie’s love for the music. It will touch your mind, body, and soul.

Even though his future ambitions are focused more towards producing his own tracks, he has no plans to leave the tables any time soon. Asked about his plans for the future, Eddie just laughs and says, “To keep doing what I love…making people move!!!”