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2004…. Eddie Amador has been a busy man. Earlier this year he moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to concentrate on production and DJing. “Living in Los Angeles, the scene is dominated by Hip Hop and Trance” he explains. “It was rare that I even DJ’d there. I was constantly flying to Europe and the rest of the world to DJ, sometimes 2-3 times a month.” He felt uninspired to produce and felt that moving to Europe for a little while would get his creative juices flowing again. Good move. Since living there, he’s collaborated with numerous producers such as Ian Carey (Soul Providers) under the artist name SATURATED SOUL. Their first single “Got to Release” was immediately signed to Defected Records. Eddie has also collaborated with Tom De Neef under the artist name “BAZEMENT FREAKZ”. Their single “Spikehead” is due out for release on ID&T and Blanco y Negro this fall. Eddie’s also got a project with WAWA on FLUENTIAL titled “The Afterparty,” and a project with Willy Sanjuan on WEEKEND RECORDS titled “Push My Bass” all due out later this year.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Eddie was exposed to a wide range of musical styles at a young age from the Latin-rhythms that dominated the airwaves of his local neighborhood to the disco and soul of Marvin Gaye & Earth, Wind and Fire. The influence of those early years can still be felt in Eddie’s music today. As hip-hop entered the scene, Eddie found himself captivated with the raw energy of the lyrics and tough beats. He would actually become a successful hip-hop DJ for a number of years before a chance invitation to an “underground” warehouse party that transformed Eddie’s minor interest in dance music into a full-fledged obsession.

Eddie studied to be a mechanical engineer at Arizona State University. He would dj on the weekends in local bars and clubs while attending college during the day. He completed his degree and moved to Los Angeles in 1996. It would take nearly a year for all the pieces to fall into place while Eddie worked as an engineer during the day and slowly mastered the skills necessary to create tunes at night. But the end result of that year was the adequately titled track, “House Music.” Centered on the simple statement: “Not everyone understands House Music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing” – Eddie’s first song would take the scene by storm and make him an international sensation overnight. Immediately signed to Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi label and released in 1998, the track was licensed extensively and rocked clubs worldwide. A year later, Eddie would follow up with “Rise” and confirm his status as a hit-maker, the track catapulting to the top 20 of the UK national chart immediately upon release. In the years since, Eddie has been in demand as a DJ and remixer worldwide. He’s remixed for labels such as Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Jive Electro, Deep Touch, Ovum, Azuli, etc. He continues to dj at prestigious clubs and venues worldwide such as Ministry of Sound, Pacha, The Queen, etc.

In 2001, Eddie started his own label, MOCHICO. He created it specifically as an outlet for his more soulful and adventurous ideas. Mochico fits in somewhere between soulful and tribal house. Mochico is well known and respected amongst djs. It’s got a cool “underground” kind of feel to it. In 2005, Eddie plans on taking the label up a notch with the same kind of grooves but with the intention of achieving a bigger sound of house.

This multitalented dj/ producer/ remixer just doesn’t stop!