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DJ Echolix first experienced performing music in public when he joined a progressive rock band at 16 years old in secondary school as a bass player and stayed in the band for two years. Since then, the music performance and composition bug has stayed with him. DJ Echolix first had a taste of clubbing and the DJ scene after secondary school where he was a regular at local clubs on the weekends. However, what started as a passing interest soon became more serious as he decided to further his passion for music by enrolling in a DJ course.

He chose one of the most prestigious DJ schools in the Klang Valley, called The Royale DJ Academy under the tutelage and mentorship of DJ Point as well as the school’s founder, DJ Bryan Burger.

Personally, he is an avid fan of trance music as he can be carried away by the psychedelic emotions the songs trigger. He really admired Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto when he first started out but is now experimenting and developing his own style. He also spends about 4-6 hours a week in the studio honing his skills and practicing for gigs while holding down a full time job. He also makes a point to attend various DJ competitions as a spectator to gauge the level and quality expected from professional DJs.

Apart from being a DJ, Echolix loves producing mixtapes. His usual music creation tools are sound software and online samples and loops, producing totally new tunes with them. He hopes to release an album or EP in the future featuring all his original compositions. Apart from the whole DJ scene, Echolix is also an avid photographer who loves capturing moments of significant beauty, the same passion which spurs him on in the field of DJ-ing and music production.

A self-described timid, shy and introverted person, DJ Echolix nevertheless feels completely transformed when he is behind the DJ console, freely expressing his emotions to the beat of the music and giving the crowd a run for their money. The crowd reactions during the gig and their experience is the main driving point for DJ Echolix to up his game. To this effect, he has recently joined the Malaysian DJ Battle Championship 2014 and made it to the semi-finals. He hopes to one day be good enough to play alongside word renowned and top class DJs.