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E Wahn

Celle, Germany

Techno, Trance

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He discovered the love for electronic music in the early 90s,

also with the beginning of the Love Parade in Berlin at a very

early stage of it´s incredibly great scene.

His interest has grown more and more to the German underground

scenes while visiting the craziest party events in the established locations of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Köln and Essen.

Berlin partys were experienced in the early times like at Tresor,

the legendary E- Werk and especially on many Sunday mornings the

fabulous KitKatClub in the old Capitol Berlin.

Later in the times he came across to the Ruhrgebiet and enjoyed

many clubs and scenes in the awesome Harpune in Düsseldorf,

the incredible Cafe 3Klang in Essen with it´s famous progressive Goa happenings or the fantastic Bootshaus in Köln additionally to many well survived open- air events.

His wish to rock with the crowd to some own nice and groovy records came true in 2007.

In those days he just owned some old belt driven TT´s and a little collection of vinyls from friends for practicing.

In 2009 he discovered the digital art to play tracks with the meantime upgraded equipment. So since this time the Traktor started and is running well up to the present with timecode vinyls.

For him th best compromise & the nearest feeling to the loved vinyl using a digital setup…

Since 2004 he discovered the production of own music with more and more interest so started the experience on sounds and harmonies with some first little steps to do that so with the Reason software for a long time.

… until a few months.

Recently he turned away with his Midi- keyboard from the now known tool to arrange tracks now with Ableton’s Live with some more pleasures…

He spins with timecoded Traktor Scratch Pro + some other NI hardware and also additionally with “real” Vinyls ;)