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Electronic project E-Spectro is based in 2006, its members are two Dj and musican Ivan Rayt and Igor Born. Their tracks and remixes are released on many labels such as domestic as foreighn. E-Spectro are residents of labels such as Emke Records (Germany), DP-6 Records (Russia), NewBorn Records (Russia). Digital Release E-Spectro are sold at the best the Internet shops of the world such as Beatport.com,iTunes,JunoDownload.com,TrackItDown.net,Recordings.ru . They sounded also on the radio airs Proton Radio (USA), Pure FM (USA), Kiss FM (UA), DFM (RU) and etc. Performance of the project represent live and dj set. In the works of E-spectro you can hear such as catchy melody as beauty as a sound and rigid emotion sound. The project adheres to underground of philosophy of a sound and aspires to a contant experients.

Musical styles : Progressive,Tech House,Techno.