Dynamite Beatport


DJ Dynamite is a rather successful DJ in The Netherlands. He’s been a DJ for almost 13 years now. He started as a resident DJ in a local club in Zeist (NL) back in 1993 which he did for 7 years. Throughout the years as resident DJ he also got more and more bookings at other events and parties and he decided to quit as resident and became a free agent.

Besides spinning in clubs, he is a turntablist in a rock band called DOOA and he’s the DJ for several acts performing at clubs and festivals, one of them is The D&S Collabo, a hosting team with MC Stanga and guest rapper Da Blackstone.

In the past three years Dynamite has built himself an impressive resume. He played at over 200 parties and 25 festivals. He did a tour with Ruff Endz deejaying and mc’ing with a nu soul band called Tasha’s World. The highlights so far have been performing in London at the Ministry Of Sound in April 2003 and hosting the Sean Paul concert in November 2003, both with MC Stanga.

As a club-DJ he plays hiphop, r&b and dancehall, as well as 2step/garage and disco (soul) classics. He mixes very fast and energetic and he certainly knows how to rock a party.

DJ Dynamite is very honored to join the Zero System DJ crew! Teaming up with all these talented DJ’s is a major challenge and he hopes it brings his career to a higher level.