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Best known for his warm stage presence and alluring DJ performance, Dyloot elevates the dance floor with his progressive blend of deep and melodic trance. As a professional and talented DJ, Dyloot has maintained his status as one of the biggest Trance DJs in the Bay Area. He has punctuated his style with new waves of flowing and sweet-sounding tracks, providing audial pleasure to any listener. With a quality and professional performance always at the top of his list, Dyloot continuously spins the newest tracks, with rhythmical moves, including one smooth mix after another.

Beginning in 1995, Dyloot began DJing in the San Francisco underground scene spinning Progressive Techno. As the scene quickly grew, so did Dyloots DJ career. In 1997 he stepped into the realm of event promotion and started SKILLS Productions with, then partner and DJ, Tom Slik. SKILLS quickly became the biggest electronic music event promoters in California, and then in the U.S.

Two years later, in 1999, Dyloot and Tom Slik opened their record store Skills DJ Workshop in Berkeley, which continues to provide one of the largest vinyl selections for electronic music.

1999 also marked the shift in Dyloots DJ style from Progressive Techno to Trance. This shift was the catalyst in skyrocketing Dyloots sustained career and popularity among fans and DJs alike.