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Dvj Bazuka

Moscow, Russian Federation

Electro House

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DVJ BAZUKA – Electro Goddess, DVJ, Composer, Director and Producer

DVJ BAZUKA works with innovative PIONEER’s DVJ-technology since 2005 and known as First Female DVJ in the World. Shocking & perfect image – it’s DVJ BAZUKA.

In 2010 DVJ BAZUKA releases the DVJ album ‘Electro Goddess’ which includes DVJ singles ‘Boginya Electro’, ‘Moya Devochka’, ‘Naedine’, ‘Moi Pravila’, ‘Nikogo Ne Slushai’, ‘Poigraem’, ‘Oni Govoryat’, ‘Ti V Moei Vlasti’, ‘I ♥ DVJ BAZUKA

In 2009 DVJ BAZUKA releases the DVJ album ‘Electro Superstar’ which includes DVJ singles ‘Electro Superstar’, ‘Get Out’, ‘Electro Girl’, ‘Rock’, ‘Electro Bomb’ & ‘Number One’

In 2008 DVJ BAZUKA releases the DVJ album ‘Mistress Of Electro’ which includes the DVJ singles ‘My Little Sexy Bitch’, ‘What Can Be Better Than Sex’, ‘Body Rock’ and ‘Mistress Of Electro’.

DVJ releases of DVJ BAZUKA include DVJ videoclips for original mix & remixes from the worlds DJs.

DVJ singles of DVJ BAZUKA include in the series of DVJ albums by DVD, worldwide CD/DVD compilation and having rotation on music television.

DVJ BAZUKA Soundproducer:

Sound of DVJ BAZUKA it’s SEXPLOSIVE brutal Electro with fat bassline, crazy leadlines and domination voice. DVJ BAZUKA creates unique innovative electrosound in modern record studio on hi-tech hardware synths and drum machines. DVJ BAZUKA cooperates with many world’s DJ’s for remixes and collaboration works.

DVJ BAZUKA Director:

Video of DVJ BAZUKA it’s SEXTRAVAGANT conceptual video with simbios dinamic attractive supermodels blondes and energetic brutal image of DVJ BAZUKA. DVJ BAZUKA shootings and creates video in own videostudio based on HD technologies and newest software for video edit.

For each original audio track and remix DVJ BAZUKA makes DVJ-videoclip, DVJ proffessional and TV versions.


DVJ BAZUKA is a cult phenomen on a club stage. DVJ BAZUKA perform only in the best world clubs with modern audio and video systems, with a lot of videoprojective screens, plasmas and professional DVJ-equipment. DVJ BAZUKA works only with format DVD, which includes SEXPLOSIVE audio and SEXTRAVAGANT video content and uses the world’s first professional digital audio-and-video DVJ-players Pioneer DVJ-1000.

DVJ BAZUKA in DVJ tour “Electro Goddess” presents the DVJ set, including only author’s DVJ tracks, that creates unique atmosphere of DVJ BAZUKA in the club.