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Dustin Ryan

Chicago, United States

Electro House, House

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Far from conventional- DustinRyan has been bringing the feel of underground to mainstream since 2004. Self taught, Dustin Washington, has been committed to developing and mastering his technique over the years. He utilizes cutting edge equipment to provide an undeniably superior sound quality. Pair that up with his eclectic creativity and combining it with a limitless range of style, and ability to feel the audience, DustinRyan has the talent and versatility to be a solid, contending entertainer.

With a variable expansive music lineup, and his formidable on-the-fly mixing and producing skills; DustinRyan can fuel any crowd by providing an atmosphere that easily flows from the kick-back vibes of trance to all out, show stopping house performances. By spinning club favorites, underground classics, and new, edgy sure-hits; DustinRyan is sure to put even the most discerning body into motion.

Flexibility, precision, energy, and emotional connection with his music are the elements that make his sound uniquely and undeniably: DustinRyan; and sets him apart as arguably, one of Chicagoland’s most up and coming music treasures.