Dustin Michael

Nashville, United States


Dustin Michael began composing music at around age 12 after learning that he had the gift of understanding the art of music and it’s proper application. He taught himself how to play the classical guitar and to write in multiple and varied styles including Country, Classical, Latin, and Rock. One of his greatest musical influences was the simple fact that he was a 3rd generation musician and composer. His Grandfather was a music industry professional that had been involved in the business since the late forties and was instrumental in the advancement and evolution of Country music and radio throughout the century. Dustin grew up surrounded by music and the business that came with it. Over the years, he was tutored by his Father and Stepfather regarding the “business” of the entertainment industry; both of them had been career musicians, songwriters, and producers in Country music.

In his teens, Dustin found that he had a relentless yearning for live performance. It was only natural for him to become intimately involved with stage acting. He became an experienced thespian, and found a deep love and understanding for the works of Shakespeare, among other classical playwrights. He taught himself to write poetry and to execute proper storytelling and novelist techniques. Like any young musician and artist, Dustin exercised his talent by performing with several independent bands during his high school years. At age 16 (1992), he began to learn studio production from his Father and recorded his first independent release. As his musical ability matured, he began composing experimental electronica and industrial styles of music. He produced and released two more independent electronica singles through Mikron Music Group in 1994, and this ultimately led to his involvement in the production of jazz and dance music.

Dustin Michael has been a part of Nashvilles rave/club and rock scene since around 1991 and somewhat witnessed the evolution of the Southeast’s experimental underground music from its humble beginnings; this early immersion in the multi-cultured underground of Nashville music had a tremendous impact on his artistic progression. Around 1994, Dustin began manipulating and mixing vinyl records along with his synthesizers and studio equipment to experiment with sounds, beats, and harmonics. But, it wasn’t until the spring of 2000 that he began purchasing dance music for the specific purpose of mixing.

“I love the art of mixing vinyl, it is truly a talent that must be executed properly….either you get it, or you don’t….there is no in between.” – DM

Although Dustin’s fascination and talent for mixing does not stop with any specific genre of dance music, he finds an emotional and spiritual attachment to ethnic styles like Latin, Cuban, African, Soul, World, and R&B in House styled formats. Dustin’s live DJ performances are usually reserved for large events and special promotions; his sets are always a wash of ethnic beauty and moving bodies.

Currently, Dustin is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer for the Record Label and Media Group known as the Experimental Division Nashville. His duties include the execution of all business and the executive production involved with the operation of the Label and it’s media. He is deeply involved with the composition of his first novel, the internal operations of the label, his artistic collaboration with producer Robert Bond known as “The Project”, and several other independent media productions. Dustin excels at independent/guerrilla business and marketing strategies and is known as a relentlessly solid entrepreneur and businessman. He is also considered a dear friend and confidant to all of his family and associates.