Dusk Beatport


This DJ and producer started his career in 91, at the Attica club (Madrid), having since then played at the best spots of the Spanish scene. After just 3 years (in 94), he was already a resident at 3 major clubs: Attica, Goa and Kea.

96 saw the start of his residency at club Kitsch, which lasted 3 years. There, influenced by new tendencies in Techno music, he developed a very personal and innovative set concept. At this club he was acclaimed as a top DJ, playing 6 hour sets.

In 2000, his international projection started; He lived in France and Holland, where he captured new tendencies.

In 2001, he took the leap across the “Pond” to Brazil, where he spun at the best clubs of Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiania and Brasilia. Another leap followed, and he was back in Europe, living for 2 years in one of it’s house music hotspots: Portugal. This proved to be a great learning experience.

Last year, under the Exquisi-Tech label, he premiered as a producer. His 1st cut, “Something Special”, was a hit, having been included in more than 5 compilations, achieving nr. 1 spot at Holland’s “Only-Dj’s” chart, and getting rotation in charts by major DJ’s from Spain and abroad, like Abel Ramos, Chus and Murray Richardson. His 2nd and 3rd records will come out beginning 2005.

The best way to describe this DJ/Producer is…elegance, instinct and an ability to express, be it in his mixes or his productions, the deepest feelings, from the most stylish through to the most pulsating house music.