Dupont Beatport


He’s 24 years old and currently a student at SCSU, 8 years ago he started on a journey that has taken him to more places then he can remember and has introduced h toim all walks of life. This journey is known as RAVE Before you pass judgment Im a raver! Not a fucking drug addict For this crazy addiction to bass lines and appegiated trance riffs he has his child hood freinds Mike streeto and Joey williams to thank.

5 years ago he made a decision that would totally change his life and the way he would effect the world and the people around him. It was something he always dreamed of… it was chance, an opportunity to give something back to everyone and the community that he loved.

Naturally he played what he loved, for him it was the sounds of UK/HHC Hardcore. Some people knocked it but he had friends to keep him! Motivated by his partner, Soundstream, and good friend Ari “Aka the wake’er.”

Soon though he got tired of the average sounds, he got tired of playing others peoples music, he got tired of hearing someone say OH I got that track too"… he said fuck it im going to start producing…" that was three years ago.

Filled with tons of encouragement from his family and my friends,with help from fellow Producer/DJ friends, and especially his good friend and self taught studio engineer Mike Bounce he has been able to take his music to the next level.