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Hailing from Malta, Island of blistering sun and unparalleled nightlife, a nation home to a community of veracious revellers with a taste for club culture second to none. One of the founders responsible for this social landscape is Duncan F. An Architect so to speak whose work was the pediment of what today stands as an institution.

Invigorated by the emerging House scene led by Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work and Tony Humphries, Duncan instinctively sold off his beloved drum kit (a gift from his parents) to buy his first set of turntables. By 15 he was DJing professionally, steadily ascending the ranks to soon confirming himself as a trendsetter in subculture musical styles on the Island. Nevertheless constantly creating, evolving and maintaining an open mind, always enthusiastic to exchange ideas with other artists to keep his sound fresh and challenging. His inspiration perpetually surrounding tech/house enchanting loops to create his signature fairytale feel.

Pushing Duncan to one of his biggest achievements was his displeasure with the direction in which the local establishments were moving. This alone encouraged him to orchestrate his own brand of events. These gatherings are now stalwarts in the club goer calendar, notorious for being true to the roots of the warehouse parties that made the scene what it is today, while consistently keeping the audience guessing.

Duncan’s next adventure came through producing and further establishing his international career. Having completed an Audio Engineering course in London in the late 2000’s the studio became his newly found arena. His productions, remixes and re-edits now consume most of his time, sometimes losing himself for hours and days at a time.

Nonetheless Duncan still confesses his real home to be the DJ booth. Aspiring to play to a more varied congregation and invariably attempting to balance his studio time with overseas bookings. Till this day he refuses to pre plan his sets, his philosophy being that ‘it would be arrogant of me to show up knowing exactly what (and when) I am going to play’. He believes that for a night to be unforgettable it boils down to one thing…The vibe, ‘the vibe is a living, breathing entity, it needs to be nurtured to a climax and the DJ must examine the crowd, push the boundaries and be prepared to gamble’.

Duncan F has a myriad of tricks up his sleeve, his most recent stimulation being generated from KnightVision, a partnership with long time friend Neil Pantos. With insuppressible passion and a work ethic to boot, the two are adamant on completing their vision and wont stop until its accomplished.