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Boston, United States

Hard Dance, Trance

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The rave scene in Montana and the northwest US in 1990 drew her to start spinning more than rock music on the radio. Partnered with late Reko Suave on a late night “alternative lifestyle” show she learned from Zandar from Krebulak how to mix techno and trance. Since she spins randomly and very seldomly on KGLT radio (yes streamed…click on the link) and for any house of prayer there may be a chance to catch her act.

Other great techno and house and trance on KGLT are Dj Aj (2) and Zen from the Giant Hapi Robot show.

She is influenced currently by Andy Hunter and Kenneth Thomas. Her current heroes are Zandar from Krebulak, Faith Massive, Fedde LeGrand, Dj Boy George, Georgian and Winnie Banov aka Geo and Co-co, Eric Johnson, Dj Dan, PVD, Yume, and Chachi! Keep the Faith! Dance like it Matters!