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What with edits being the new black and every man and his Mac who is willing and able(ton) slapping an eight extra bars to the beginning of a track and calling it an their own, it takes a little something extra to stand out in the crowd. Duff Disco has proved himself to be a man who has that something extra. Championed by the likes of legendary edit King Greg Wilson to new kids on the scotch block, The Revenge and The 6th Borough Project, he has managed that rare feat, to slide into a market that seemed flooded and make a real impact.

Following a mega-hyped remix of Dan Black’s ‘Symphonies’ on Polydor, Duff Disco has gone on to release his own series of edits of The Thin White Duke, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mark Morrison, Steve Miller Band, Stretch and Skee-lo and more that have all graced the top sales charts on Juno. Now while the list seems surprisingly obvious the edits are not, carving out a relentless groove that never threatens to quit, his edits hit you right in the mid-rift, meaning that being a wall flower just ain’t an option.

It’s not just his edits that have got him noticed though, his original material proves he’s here to stay with releases on Composite, Join The Dots, Tenth Circle, Kolour and Dikso.

With multiple releases being chosen as ‘Phonica Essentials’ and record of the week at Piccadilly records his releases are anything but Duff